SproutX Pre-Accelerator Pitches

After our 6-week course we’re thrilled to present the top pitches from our course. ¬†Scroll down below and VOTE on your favourite pitches

Vote on pitches by Tweeting the hashtag!

If you like a pitch, vote for it by Tweeting the hashtag! You may vote for more than one pitch.


Pitch 1 – SmartShepherd

to vote for SmartShepherd

Pitch 2 – Breeding Diagnostics

to vote for Breeding Diagnostics

Pitch 3 – FarmLab

to vote for FarmLab

Pitch 4 – Ovass

to vote for Ovass

Pitch 5 – Milkflow

to vote for Milkflow

Pitch 6 – iPaddock

to vote for iPaddock

Pitch 7 – Anipal

to vote for Anipal

Pitch 8 – Agile Sensing

to vote for Agile Sensing

Pitch 9 – FarmLandCo

to vote for FarmLandCo

Pitch 10 – SenseAg

to vote for SenseAg



ALL of SproutX Pre-Accelerator Pitches

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