Got questions for Pioneers?  Here's the FAQ below



How much of my information is disclosed?

Your Information is input to a database that is only accessible by individuals in the SproutX Accelerator. They have been carefully selected by our board, and we fully expect them to treat your personal information with the highest respect and confidence.

In order for Startups to reach you, your name, contact number, location, as well as basic details of your farming operation are displayed.

I’m a Pioneer, Can I contact the  startups?

Due to our current online infrastructure, only startups can view and contact the database. In the future we are considering having a farmer facing database for contacting relevant startups in your sector.

What’s the catch?  Do I have to purchase the product if I engage?

Absolutely not. Pioneers is not designed to be a sales channel for SproutX startups. It’s function is to connect startups who may not have contacts in industry, to connect with ‘potential’ customers for feedback during the development stage of their product, design or service.

If I sign up, am I locked in?

No. Participation at the time of contact is purely up to you. Not a good time? No problem.

What if part way through a trial I change my mind about participating?

That is fine, although you will need to manage this with the person you have begun to engage with. If you know things aren’t working out, respect your own and the startups time and end the trial.

Who is  running the program?

SproutX is an agtech accelerator and coworking space based in Melbourne. We run a national program to coach agrifood based startups to commercialise. Pioneers is an initiative to assist startups developing products that the agriculture industry needs .