Australia's biggest agtech and fintech combined hackathon 

SproutX and Stone & Chalk are respectively the top fintech and agtech brands in the Asia Pacific and have brought together Australia's top institutions to find solutions to the industry's problems.

An amalgamation of the the two sectors could have an incredible impact for global agriculture, for those working on farm and within the supply chain.

This is your opportunity to get help directly in solving a pressing agtech/fintech challenges, win cash prizes and meet with agribusiness and media corporates!

Agtech X Fintech @ Goods Shed North


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Hackathon updates

05/10/18 4:00pm - Set up is happening and we're getting ready to go.  Make sure you show up on time and get ready to be part of the hackathon!

05/10/18 7:00pm - Here is a link to the launch presentation in case you need some information.  And here is the link to the Ruralco detailed Challenge information sheets which provide further information if you're working on one of their sponsored challenges.  See you tomorrow morning ready to work!

06/10/18 1:00pm - The 'Design for Non Designers' presentation by Bec Martin.

06/10/18 1:30pm - Here's the link to the 'Pitching 101' presentation which Andrew gave.

The ChallengeS

Feel free to participate in hackathon with your own idea.  But if you don't have an idea and would like something validated to work on, we have the below challenges set and incentives for winning each one.  

Each Challenge also has dedicated staff to help coach you on a viable solution that could be your next big startup product!  See the FAQ at the bottom for more info.



How can we provide holistic business advice to our customers?

How can we build a system which prompts customers to regularly upload data feeds about their herds or crop, production statistics etc?

Purpose: enable the business to provide holistic business advice along with personalised banking and insurance products based on their history of production, management and forecast yields?

How can we provide real time digital business planning?

In getting farmers to be more savvy and forward thinking business owners, what could we provide to enable a real time farm business plan

Ability to be updated with actuals such as when Stock/ Wool/ Crop are traded (inclusive of budgeting)

Livestock are Australia’s second biggest commodity class. 

What models can unlock equity in the herd, or attract new capital to livestock ownership?  

How can these be used to overcome the capital deficiency in the industry to achieve productivity optimisation

How do you create a grain marketplace that enables growers to maximise value for their grain trades.

What agricultural apps could leverage Fairfax Agricultural Media's significant print & digital audience and its specialist content.

How can we help to enable and add value to our agricultural publications?

What is the best way to deliver financial education and wellness to farmers.

The Prizes

Overall First Place Winner: $2,000 + Corporate prizes

Runner Up: $1,000 + Corporate prizes

Plus category prizes from each of the sponsors!

The Details

Registration Deadline:  Wednesday Oct 3, 12pm

Hackathon Weekend:  Oct 5 Friday - Oct 7 Sunday

Launch and Team Forming: Oct 5, Friday 6pm

Hacking and Pitch Games:  Oct 6 Saturday 9am - 10pm

Pitch & Awards Presentation: Oct 7 Sunday, 2pm



Do I have to work on one of the listed challenges?
No, you can work on your own agtech and/or fintech idea.  The challenges are there to provide validated problems for participating teams to solve.

Will I be able to receive specialty assistance if I do work on a listed challenge?
Yes, representatives from each of the listed brands will be available to consult and provide expertise.  It's a great way to work on solving a real industry problem and receive instant feedback.  We certainly hope that you will be able to continue with your startup idea in the future and it morphs into a real startup!!

Who owns the IP?
You do.

Do I have to come with a team?
No but you can sign up as a team if you wish.  We're able to help match people up and form teams.

What is the max team size?
Six individuals

Do I have to be able to code?
No! We welcome anyone with the right attitude and the skills to contribute to a team capable of building a prototype by the end of the weekend.

What if I've never participated in a hackathon?
As long as you have the right attitude and want to work with amazing people come along!

Can we sleep over at the hackathon?
No, not this time. At some point, we'll go to the pub, get some sleep and return bright and early.

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